While our population is beset with conditions such as obesity, many young families and the elderly can often experience seasonal hunger because of poverty. The role of the Food Health Working Group is to enable Healthy Living Centres to adopt a pro-active policy and positive practices within their communities, promoting and facilitating a healthier approach to food and nutrition. We are now working in collaboration with Safefood Ireland.

Transform Your Trolley

Safefood has partnered with the Healthy Living Centre Alliance to launch its hugely successful ‘Transform Your Trolley’ programme in communities across Northern Ireland to support families to improve their shopping trolleys by replacing fatty and sugary foods with healthy, balanced meals.  

The ‘Transform Your Trolley’ programme will see Healthy Living Centres across Northern Ireland deliver community support programmes.  

From reshaping existing shopping habits, to providing new ideas to help meal planning and shopping lists, how to cook basic nutritious meals, and making use of leftovers, the programme will encourage participants to make small, practical changes aimed at positively influencing their eating habits. 

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