Tony Doherty - Regional Coordinator

Tony Doherty – Regional Coordinator

The Strengthening Commonalities Programme

Strengthening Commonalities is a bespoke learning and development programme which allows Board members, managers and staff of each component HLC to have space and time to reflect on the work of individual Centres and explore how practice-based learning can be transferred from one centre to another.  Using a thematic approach members have identified common strands of work, some of which are considered as core pillars of the HLC delivery programme in local communities built around the key risk factors of long-term conditions such as smoking, sedentary lifestyles, poor diet and nutrition and poor mental health.

The Strengthening Commonalities Working Group is comprised of Tony Doherty, Liz McShane (Heart Project – Maureen Sheehan Centre), Séamus Ward (Bogside and Brandywell Health Forum) and Julie Jamieson (Newlodge/Duncairn Community Health Partnership).  The group has organised a number of workshops to explore and expand upon models of good practice in respect of physical activity, suicide and smoking as part of a rolling programme of learning and development.

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