WISPA – Sarah’s Story

Sarah from Belfast was devastated when she received the shocking news that her youngest son had leukaemia.
While thankfully he has responded well to treatment, the diagnosis meant she had to give up her full-time job to care for him. Sarah said this was a very hard time for her: "Having to give up my job and become a full-time carer has been very difficult, I put on weight and felt very down."

However, things began to change when she heard about a keep fit  class held during school hours and organised by 'Women in Sport and Physical Activity' (WISPA). When her son was well enough to go back to school following a good response to his treatment, Sarah was able to go along to the class.

Sarah continued: "The class was a great opportunity to get out of the house and has helped me so much. Now I feel better about myself, I have lost some weight and my increased fitness gives me the energy I need to look after my children. Since joining the keep fit class I have also taken up an evening gym class and a walking group. All of this has encouraged me to become more active and gives me more confidence. "Before I felt lonely and isolated but now I have met so many good friends and have gained so much support from them. "