The Verve Network is a partnership of community organisations and the Southern Health and Social Care Trust, and it operates in the Neighbourhood Renewal Area’s (NRA) within Brownlow, Lurgan and Portadown (funded by the Department for Social Development).

The member organisations are Community Intercultural Programme, Drumcree Community Trust, Drumellan Community Organisation, Edgarstown residents association, Shankill (Lurgan) Community Projects, Taghnevan Community Development Association and Fitzone Foundation.

Each of the organisations have established and developed themselves as a Healthy Living Centre where programmes aimed at reducing health inequalities are provided to residents on their doorstep.  Programmes are designed and developed to meet the needs of local people and are largely delivered by local people.

Verve programme

The Verve Healthy Lifestyle programme has two strands:

  • Healthy Lifestyle programmes with the main themes being:
  • Healthy eating
  • Physical activity
  • Mental health
  • The Verve Health Trainer programme

The 2004 Department of Health White Paper ‘Choosing Health: Making healthy choices easier’, proposed the development of a new role for improving health and reducing health inequalities – accredited Health Trainers. Health Trainers are drawn from local communities and are trained to reach individuals who were inclined to lead healthier lives, but who may have little contact with services.

The Verve Health Trainers are based in each of the organisations named above and are trained to:

  • Signpost people to appropriate services, activities, and specialist organisations relevant to supporting their health including wider services such as debt advice, employment, training, housing etc
  • Deliver activities that promote healthy lives in partnership with existing services, such as physical activity and healthy eating
  • Provide one-to-one motivational support to help people adopt and sustain healthy behaviours, including, but not limited to increasing physical activity, healthy eating, weight management, smoking cessation and alcohol awareness.

The service is available to anyone over the age of 18 who lives in Craigavon Neighbourhood Renewal Area. The service accepts self-referrals and referrals from other health professionals.



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Promoting Wellbeing Team
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Telephone: 02838311485

Office Hours:
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Contact: Lisa McAliskey (Neighbourhood Renewal Health Coordinator)


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