springfieldCore to the work of the HLC is to promote health and wellbeing in its broadest sense across the Upper Springfield and Whiterock areas, while addressing health inequalities. This is achieved through the use of a community development approach using the LEAP for Health model (Learning, Evaluation & Planning). The HLC provides innovative, organic solutions to meet local needs, while working in partnership with other organisations to create sustainable health improvement structures and programmes.

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The HLC delivers a universal programme across the area as well as targeted activities based on local needs to particular individuals/groups. The programme also seeks to raise awareness of the underlying social and economic determinants of health, while empowering and supporting the local population to make healthy choices.

Upper Springfield Development Trust
Upper Springfield Whiterock.
689 Springfield Road
Belfast BT12 7FP

Opening Times:
Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 5.30pm

Telephone: 028 9023 6677

Email: info@usdt.co.uk

Website: www.upperspringfield.com

Twitter: twitter.com/usdt_info

Facebook: www.facebook.com/upperspringfield