library-colourThe Old Library Trust, Healthy Living Centre:

We are based in Central Drive Creggan, Derry.  Our aim to to make it easier for people to improve health and well being.

Supporting local people to take control and ownership of their own health and wellbeing, to develop the confidence to aspire and achieve new life setting goals that will transform your quality life for happier, healthier lives. Community development and health improvement are at the heart of our work and we deliver our services across 6 key themes:

  1. Improving Health & Wellbeing
  2. Providing access to Primary Care at the neighbourhood level
  3. Supporting increased physical activity & healthy lifestyles
  4. Supporting people with long term or life limiting conditions
  5. Improving the quality of life for older people
  6. Supporting people with poor mental health
  7. Supporting families to give their children the best start in life

We see our Healthy Living Centre as a place of restorative healing and wellbeing providing a host of services to help you and your family. Together with our partners in community, private and public service sectors we pledge to work with you to overcome the barriers impacting on your health and wellbeing and help you on your journey to enjoy a healthier happy life

The Old Library Trust has 5 main projects:

1) SWEET (Family Activity Project looking a diet/nutrition, physical activity & mental health)
2) Exercise for All (walk in exercise classes for all, BOLT running club, Step Up Exercise GP Referral Programme & Step Up Men's Health Programme)
3) Health For Life (project to help those aged 60+)
4) Access (Project to provide better accessibility to health clinics and support services in the community to enable people to look after their own health more easily, these are Diabetes, Footcare, Dental Health, Arthritis Support, Lung Support, Hearing Checks & Smoking Cessation Clinics)
5) DEED (Derry Engaging & Empowering Dementia) working towards making Derry a dementia friendly city

Come along on the day/night to register for our exercise classes, only £3 per class or £20 per month and no need for direct debits.

Old Library

The Old Library Trust
The Healthy Living Centre
Central Drive
BT48 8QG

Opening Times:
Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm
Saturday 9.30am to 11.30am
Sunday 9.30am to 11.30am

Telephone: 02871373870

Fax: 02871308807


Web Site: (currently under construction)

Twitter: @OLTHLC

Facebook: The Old Library Trust, Healthy Living Centre