Loughgiel Community Association is a community organisation which was formed in

  1. The core focus of the association is to improve the lives of the local community by improving services, addressing health issues and unemployment issues. This ethos is applied to all activities/services undertaken by the association.


The Mission Statement of the Association is: “Improving the Quality of Life in Loughgiel”

The following statements represent the Vision for Loughgiel Community Association:


  • To meet the needs of the community it represents in a flexible and proactive manner
  • Continuously innovating and developing new projects in line with identified community needs
  • To support the most vulnerable / most in need in the area
  • To provide high quality services and projects
  • To have a high level of customer satisfaction levels and staff satisfaction levels
  • To continue to offer employment in the area both directly and indirectly
  • Creating a sustainable Centre and Association
  • To increase the attractiveness of the area to funders, investors and tourists.

In Loughgiel we pride ourselves in running services based on local need, our community connects with local residents ageing from 1-100 years. We focus on mental health, fitness, well-being, education and a range of social and leisure activity classes. Local people play an active part in determining the range of classes and are integral in leading and designing our work.

Contact Details:  The Millennium Centre, 38 Lough Road, Loughgiel, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, BT44 9JN

Telephone No: 028 276 41389

Email: loughgiel@btconnect.com

Website: www.loughgiel.co.uk