LHLC LogoLigoniel Healthy Living Centre (LHLC) was established in 2003 to address health inequalities and prioritise needs. LHLC (funded by the Public Health Agency) focuses on strategic development, social services and health inequalities; environment and recreation; and youth health programmes and activities. It supports and addresses  health prevention, intervention, crisis intervention, and achieving clinical targets in a user friendly, innovative way.

LHLC works with statutory agencies and other community partnerships providing information, programmes and support  to enable people to make informed choices and decisions about healthy lifestyles through building capacity and increasing confidence and self-esteem.

Ligoniel Healthy Living Centre
Wolfhill centre
148 Ligoniel Road
BT 14 8DT.

Opening Times:
Monday to Friday: 9 - 5
Youth activities: Tuesday - Friday  9-10

Telephone: 028 9039 1225
Email: health@ligonielvillage.com