NEW ARC LOGO 2015The ARC Centre is a registered charity managed by a voluntary Board of Directors. It was formed in November 2000 to undertake the management of the ARC Healthy Living Centre capital build and to oversee the ongoing operation of the Centre and associated programmes.

The ARC Centre is a refurbished building based within Sallyswood estate and was officially opened in 2001, the ethos of inclusion and positive expectation was fundamental to the survival and success of the project. The ARC Centre responds to the needs of the local community by providing opportunities to enable and empower people to develop their own resources for creative and healthy living.

The Marmot Review into health inequalities, published in  February 2010, draws further attention to the evidence that most people aren’t living as long as the ‘best off’ in society, and spend longer in ill-health, “premature illness and death affects everyone below the top.”

The ARC Healthy Living Centre
116-122 Sallyswood
County Fermanagh
BT94 1HQ

Phone: 028 686 28741

Fax: 028 686 28598