Spare A Thought For Your Health....

And Your Pocket on No Smoking Day


Ex-smokers feel proud when they know that they have quit for good. They feel proud because they have at last quit the lifestyle that accompanies smoking; the cough, the smell, the cost, the standing outside in the cold for a quick puff. Worse still, the dependency on something they know is slowly destroying their health and possibly the health of others.

The Regional Coordinator of the Healthy Living Centre Alliance, an ex-smoker himself, Tony Doherty said “The Alliance has identified smoking as one of four key priorities. Smoking is the single greatest cause of health inequalities in our society. Quitting is a very difficult thing to do, so people have a great sense of pride and achievement when they have done it. Quitting smoking is celebrated each year by people who have quit and by those who have helped them quit.

“No Smoking Day on 8th March has become an occasion when quitters express their thanks to their will-power, their children, their local pharmacy or their local Healthy Living Centre. Some have even allowed their faces to front this year’s No Smoking Day campaign posters! They have inspired themselves; now they want to inspire others.

“The Healthy Living Centre Alliance has, for the third year running, teamed up with the Public Health Agency, celebrating No Smoking Day in a range of public venues in Belfast, Derry, Castlederg, Fermanagh, Lisburn and the Ards Peninsula. We are especially pleased this year that Loughgiel Community Association, the most recent new member of the Alliance, is hosting its first No Smoking Day event this year.

Smokers: Turn Your Ash Into Cash!

'Healthy Living Centre staff will be available to advise smokers how to convert their ASH into CASH.  For instance, a thirty-a-day smoker will spend £4,650 per year on cigarettes.  For many families a saving of £4,650 could be spent on home improvements, a holiday, college fees for their children etc.  Last year we engaged more than 800 smokers in one day. Many smokers will remember this engagement as it led them to contemplate quitting for the first time.”


Colette Rogers, Regional Lead for Tobacco from the Public Health Agency said:

“Studies have shown that smokers are four times more likely to succeed in quitting with help from stop smoking services than if they do it alone.

“Events organised by the Healthy Living Centre on No Smoking Day provide an excellent opportunity for people who would like to stop smoking to go along and find out more about the local services and support available to help them quit.

“Many people are already celebrating their quit success, achieved with support from their local Healthy Living Centre and pharmacist, so we would encourage you to go along to these events on No Smoking Day so you too can be proud to be a quitter!

“You can also access further information on stop smoking services at”

Proud Quitters for 2017:

Veronica Deeney, aged 65 from Derry

Michael Gallen, aged 62 from Castlederg

Róisín Boyle, aged 42 from Lisnaskea

Kirsty Chester, aged 24 from the Ards Peninsula

Dinker McCleneghan, aged 59 from Belfast

John Fisher, aged 52 from Belfast

Robert Cleland, aged 53 from Belfast



Editor's Notes

The Healthy Living Centre Alliance is a Consortium of community-led health improvement projects based in the greater Belfast area, Derry, Lisburn, north Armagh, Tyrone, Fermanagh, Antrim and Ards Peninsula.  Tony Doherty, Regional Coordinator, can be contacted at 07921810642 or




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