Take 5 and look after your mental health!

  • Mental Wellbeing

    menMost people are aware of the things we should be doing to keep our bodies healthy and prevent us from getting physical illnesses.  But how many of us think about taking care of our mind and our emotional health?
    Improve our emotional wellbeing with 5 Tips to incorporate into your everyday life under the slogan
    “Take 5 for your emotional wellbeing”.

    Here are the five tips along with some ideas on how you can put them into practice.  With one in four people in Northern Ireland experiencing problems with their mental health it is well worth taking these simple steps to keep you healthy.

    • Connect - with the people around you, friends or colleagues
    • Be active - any exercise is good for you
    • Keep Learning -Don’t be afraid to try something new
    • Take Notice - be aware of the world around you.
    • Give to others - Volunteer your time. Thank someone. Smile.



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