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    A Fitter Future for All

    To help reduce the harm related to overweight and obesity Department of Health, Social Services, and Public Safety developed the Framework for Preventing and Addressing Overweight and Obesity in Northern Ireland which was launched on 09 March 2012.
    This Framework aims to:

    “empower the population of Northern Ireland to make healthy choices, reduce the risk of overweight and obesity related diseases and improve health and well-being, by creating an environment that supports and promotes a physically active lifestyle and a healthy diet”.


  • Report on Healthy Living Centre Alliance workshop held on Friday 3rd October 2014 in the Heart Project, Belfast.

    "Strengthening Commonalities" is a series of planned events designed to provide time and space to Healthy Living Centres to reflect on the considerable variations in delivery of programmes to their target communities with a view to learning and making appropriate and timely change. Specifically, the objectives for the event held on 3rd October were outlined as follows:

    • to allow the Alliance members to collectively to explore a number of models of good practice operating in some HLCs
    • to assess if the models can be transferred between HLCs
    • to make recommendations to as to how such models can be transferred

    These objectives of the "Community Mobilisation on Physical Health" event were targeted at HLCs not currently engaged in this type of activity in the expectation that they will be moved and supported in that direction, hence Strengthening Commonalities.  It was designed to allow HLC managers and staff collectively to explore a number of models of good practice with a view to assessing if the models can be transferred between HLCs.  The event was planned by the Strengthening Commonalities Working Group who are as follows: Tony Doherty, Liz McShane, Seamus Ward and Julie Jamieson.


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