Alcohol and Drug Misuse

  • Alcohol and drug misuse, and their related harms, cost our society hundreds of millions of pounds every year, and have therefore been identified as significant public health and social issues in Northern Ireland over many years.

    SOLACE – Supportive Opportunities for Living with Addiction in a Community Environment – befriending/advocacy support service aiming to reduce harm, caused by chronic addiction, to individuals, families, and communities. For further information contact Aidan on 028 686 28741.
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    (Sources from the Department of Health website


    • Alcohol Consumption Guidelines

      • It is recommended that men drink no more than 3 to 4 units of alcohol a day
      • It is recommended that women drink no more than 2 to 3 units of alcohol a day

      One unit of alcohol is equivalent to 10 ml of pure alcohol. As a rough guide:

      • 1 pint of strong lager = three units
      • 1 pint of ordinary lager, bitter or cider, 175 ml glass of wine = two units
      • 1 alcopop = one and half units
      • 1 35ml measure of spirits = one and half units
      • many wines are around 11 or 12 per cent alcohol, so a small glass = one and a half units

      Alcohol in Pregnancy

      The best advice is to avoid drinking alcohol when you are pregnant or trying to conceive. If you do decide to drink, then make sure it is no more than one or two units just once or twice a week, and don't get drunk. If you stick to this, the evidence suggests it's highly unlikely you'll harm your baby.


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